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2017 Trends for Your Denver Bathroom Remodel

March 8, 2017

Whether you are looking to eventually sell your home or are finally able to complete your dream bathroom remodel in Denver, there are a few new trends to consider. These will help to increase the value of your home and provide you with the bathroom you have always wanted. From grand features and types of showers to dimension, there are a lot of options at your disposal to incorporate into your project. Read about some of the top trends when deciding what to do at your home.


Large, grand features are becoming more common in bathrooms—even in smaller ones. For instance, room may be made for a large shower that provides plenty of room. Some enjoy incorporating a bench into their space as well. Floor to ceiling open cabinets and showers help to create the grand illusion. Many also love grand sink spaces. A double vanity sink may be extended over four to six cabinets, which provides a large amount of storage. Or, larger bathrooms may even have two sets of sinks on opposite sides of the room. Homeowners can also create a beautiful space by incorporating light colors into the walls and large mirrors. For those who prefer to lay in a tub and relax, large soaking tubs are a great piece to add in a bathroom.


Delving into showers a little more, there are a lot of great features homeowners can take advantage of. Steam showers can clear the sinuses and provide relief to pain and inflammation. With these relaxing features, you may keep the water running longer. You can invest in environmentally friendly shower heads and features to help conserve water and save on monthly costs. When it comes to overall style, the floor to ceiling shower style is becoming more and more popular. It is comprised of a glass pane with a door that opens out. To add convenience, benches may be added and multiple built-in shelves to add convenience. Learn about some of the latest Tub and Shower Trends from HGTV.

Unique Features (dimensional tiles, different colors, styles of cabinets)

Many are straying away from traditional styles of bathrooms and providing unique colors within their space. One of the top ways this is being done is with dimensional tiles. They provide an upscale quality that can make for a great accent wall or throughout the entire bathroom if done right. Many are also mixing up the style of cabinet to include patterns that add an extra flair into the space. They also love incorporating different shapes in cabinets, tubs and benches. You can mix things up by adding in pops of color, floral arrangements, extravagant ceiling fixtures and more.

For more décor and style ideas for your Denver bathroom remodel project, you can trust the experts at SF Residential. We are your local commercial company that can make your ideal bathroom remodel come to life. Ready to get started on your project? We can help! Call us at 303-210-5991 or email us at