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Décor and Style Ideas for your Denver Bathroom Remodel Project

November 30, 2016

A Denver bathroom remodeling project can be a long and rewarding process. Whether you are expanding the size of your current bathroom or trying to make the most of a small space, décor options are endless. From color and lighting to curtains and art, you can truly turn your bathroom from just a room to a relaxing oasis.
  • Calming Colors and Lighting: For a relaxing bathroom, color is extremely important. From the walls to towels and shower curtains, it is important everything is in sync with each other. Some of the most popular and relaxing colors for a bathroom or green and blue. In most cases, lighter shades in general will help you accomplish a calm vibe while opening the space. If you have a small bathroom, you will want to be sure to choose a lighter color as dark colors absorb the light in the room. A lighter shade of a color will provide the appearance that the room is larger than it is. If you are looking to create a classy and upscale look, choose white cabinetry, door frames and frames. A light color floor, especially a grey slate or white, marble-like tile ties in the room for that calming look you are after. For lights, choose soft colors instead of harsh fluorescents. Have a dimmer added if you enjoy using a soaking tub to unwind with low lighting. For more color ideas, read House Beautiful’s “The 10 Soothing Paint Colors that Will Change Your Life.”
  • Essential Accessories and Furniture: Bathroom accessories and furniture can make or break your remodel. Be sure to choose a style that fits you. For instance, if you enjoy traditional styles, go with more structured or ornate pieces. If you love contemporary and modern, be sure to invest in items that have a simple aesthetic and clean lines. Often when shopping, you can find matching groups of items. For instance, you can get a matching soap dispenser, mirror, cup, lotion dispenser, waste basket and more. Next, if you need furniture and finishing, make sure they fit well the color of your accessories (or vice versa). You can also add small things to make the most of your bathroom such as a book or tablet holder and a wireless shower speaker. Take it a step further and have a television installed and mounted in a spot visible throughout the room for some added luxury.  
  • Art: Art is a final touch to your bathroom remodel. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you will not want to go overboard. However, you can find a few accent pieces that complete the space. When choosing art, there are two things to consider: Does it match the style you are going for in the bathroom overall? Does it reflect the message you want to see and share with your guests? A great way to incorporate art is to find a piece or series of pieces that says something you connect with. Or, it could be a great place to add a scenic piece of art.
As you prepare to renovate your bathroom, read these three important considerations for your Denver bathroom remodel. When ready to get started, contact SF Inc. Construction. We will work with you on paint, cabinetry, various styles of granite, custom project items, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures and appliances. Contact us at 303-210-5991 or email to get started.