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3 Important Considerations for Your Denver Bathroom Remodel

October 5, 2016

If you are ready to take on your Denver bathroom remodel? This is a very exciting time! Whether you are upgrading your current space or are making necessary preparations before selling your home, making spaces more efficient will increase the value of your home (and make the space easier to live in!). When it comes to your bathroom, here are three things to think about before moving forward with your plan.

Layout and Storage:

Even if you do not have a large bathroom, you can work wisely with a small space. Layout is crucial. First, assess your needs and what will need to move around. Do you have a bathtub that you don’t use but would love more counter space? Consider a walk-in shower, which will open up more space for storage.  Speaking of storage, review your current set up and ask yourself “what would make my life easier?” Perhaps there is room for an entire cabinet or maybe a few wall shelves or cabinets will do. Double sinks a great option for master bathrooms if you have the space available. You’ll have double the storage space. Last, think long term. Will you need to grow into this bathroom? HGTV has a great A Day in the Life of Your Bathroom checklist to help you assess current and future needs.


While you may think just one overhead light is fine in your bathroom, lighting is very important. If you use the bathroom mirror when getting ready (shaving, applying makeup, styling hair, etc.), using overhead or recessed lighting casts shadows upon your face making it difficult. Side lighting (two vertical lights on each side of a mirror) is a better addition, or a single horizontal light fixture above. This will provide more even lighting on your face and will help you as you prepare for the day. For all the other times you are in your bathroom, that is where your recessed or accent lighting comes into play. If you enjoy taking long showers and relaxing in the bathtub, consider softer lighting and invest in a dimmer.

Unexpected Expenses:

When planning for a remodel, have some money set aside in your remodel budget for unexpected problems that may arise. Often times, especially in older homes, the company handling your remodel may find mold, plumbing issues, electrical needs that need to be changed or even drain problems. Working with your remodeling company can help give you an estimate of any problems that might arise before starting work to make sure you have enough money to cover the project.

When ready for bathroom remodeling in Denver, SF Inc. can help! We will match you with an architect to begin the design process and assess your needs and then we will revamp your bathroom to a space that works for you and your family! View our portfolio and give us a call at 303-210-5991 or email to get started.