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​Energy Efficient Ideas for Your Home Remodeling in Denver

January 23, 2017

As you plan to remodel your Denver home, you can make several upgrades to both look and efficiency. From adding room additions and updating counters, you can do so much to increase the quality and value of your home. That’s not all. You can also increase value and save on your monthly bills with your heating and cooling. If your home has out-dated heating, you may want to add onto your remodeling project and consider a newer technology. Learn more about each and other ideas for your remodel.


The most common way to heat a home decades ago was baseboard heating. It’s expensive and has a low rating on the efficiency scale. Today, there are more efficient ways to heat your home. Gas heating is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly type of heating, usually paired with forced air. This type of heating is common in homes and helps distribute the heat most effectively around large spaces. Another heating type that is growing in popularity is radiant heating because of it’s many advantages. It limits heat loss through ducts and doesn’t distribute allergens throughout the room like forced air does. Adding radiant floor or wall heating to your Denver home remodel would save you money on your heating bill in the long run and your toes will never feel cold again. There are several types of radiant floor heat, these include air-heated radiant floors, electric radiant floors and hydronic radiant floors.

Hydronic Radiant Floors: One of the heating systems growing in popularity. The system pumps heated water from a boiler through tubing in the floor, which is generally laid out in a snake pattern.

Electric Radiant Floors: Because electricity is expensive, this type of radiant heat flooring is only cost effective if the thermal mass of the floor (such as concrete), is large enough to store heat for up to 8 to 10 hours. This system has cables with electric current running through the floor.

Air-Heated Radiant Floors: A furnace pumps heated air through the floor. This is the least cost effective type of heating in a residential situation because air doesn’t hold heat well.

There are clearly pros and cons to each type of radiant floor heating. Learn more about energy savings and radiant heating.

Other renovation ideas for warmth

When remodeling your home, there are other ways to ensure you and those in the home stay warm. First, be sure your home is properly insulated. If not, your remodel is the time to handle this. This will cut down on energy costs and help keep your thermostat from constantly kicking on. You need to have your siding, roof and windows checked. A remodel is the perfect time to make these upgrades. Looking for a luxurious idea? Consider heated floors. This is a great way to keep warm as you may feel extreme temperatures entering and exiting the shower. Kick it up a notch and invest in a toilet with a heated seat!

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