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3 Efficient Upgrades for your Kitchen Remodel in Denver

March 22, 2017

Are you planning a kitchen remodel in Denver? While you are upgrading your counters, cabinets, refinishing your floor and recycling your old appliances, it is a great time to consider ways to be more efficient. From plumbing to appliances, there is much you can do to cut down on your bills each month. When planning your remodel, keep these ideas in mind and talk to the contractor who is in charge of your remodeling project.

1. Appliances:
One of the best ways you can save on your energy bills each month is to invest in Energy Star certified appliances. Even the smallest of energy reductions can really add up. First, check out the refrigerators and freezers. An Energy Star model can provide up to 25 percent in energy savings. On the fence? See how much your current refrigerator and freezer generates with Energy Star’s Refrigerator Retirement Savings Calculator. You might be surprised! Next, look into dishwashers. Dishwashers, especially older than the early 1990s can be extremely inefficient. Newer models will use less water and energy. This is great for the environment and your water bill! Another benefit of energy efficient equipment are rebates. Many areas offer rebates for purchasing these types of appliances.

2. Lighting:
When remodeling your kitchen, lighting is another area that can take over energy bills. Just a few minor changes can make a difference. It all begins with light bulbs, which you should consider throughout your home. If you are using incandescent light bulbs, you are already wasting money. In fact, they are being phased out and can be difficult to find in the store. If you have a stash you have been using, it’s time to move to more efficient lighting. In kitchens, you can use CFL and LED bulbs that provide up to 80 percent energy savings. In the actual renovation, recessed lighting or ceiling fixtures are a popular option. You can also add lights under cabinets to help with various tasks.

3. Plumbing:
For plumbing, consider purchasing low-flow faucets for your kitchen sink. It decreases the amount of water flowing through but usually you won’t be able to notice a change. In addition to faucets, you can also purchase energy efficient garbage disposals. If you don’t have one, it’s best to get one. Using water to dispose of food is very inefficient. It also is bad for the environment because all the waste you are flushing must be managed by your local municipality. Help combat this issue with an energy efficient disposal that will also cut down on your energy bills!

In addition to making energy efficient upgrades in your kitchen remodel, learn ways to maximize storage space for your kitchen remodel in Denver. When ready for your energy efficient project, contact S.F. Inc! We value our relationships with our customers and want to provide you with the best customer service that will work for you and everyone in your home. To get started or learn more, call us at 303-210-5991. You can also email us at