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Ways to Maximize Storage Space for Your Kitchen Remodel in Denver

July 27, 2016

As you explore kitchen remodel Denver ideas, optimizing storage space is key. By making the most of even the smallest of places, you can really make a difference. Plus, remodeling for appearance and convenience can increase the value of your home. Here are four ways to maximize your storage space for your kitchen!
  1. Drawer Space: How many times have you lost something in the lazy Susan or in a giant drawer? Consider organizing and optimizing your drawer space. For your utensil drawers, spice racks and other areas, instead of placing everything all together; add in separators and additional shelves so you can maximize space vertically and horizontally. This will make it much easier to access various items. For an alternative to the lazy Susan, invest in corner drawers. This will allow you to take advantage of more storage space in your kitchen without the dreaded search for the items that fell!
  2. Creative Storage for Appliances and More: While you may use your blender, toaster and other kitchen appliances often, but do not have anywhere to put them as your kitchen currently stands, consider building storage space for them in your remodel project. Add on additional cabinet space to store them in, or create a storage solution on your counter that even have an electrical outlet close by to allow you to quickly plug in the appliance you need, use and store all in one convenient location. You can do this with your trashcan as well! Have your remodel company build in a drawer that slides out for your trashcan that even includes space for trash bags. This will keep this heavily used item out of side but easily accessible.
  3. Pantry Ideas: The pantry is often one of the easiest storage spaces in the kitchen that can quickly spiral out of control! How many times have you gone to reach for something and knocked everything over? Or just could not find what you were looking for? During your remodel, give your pantry a makeover that will have it work for you. Add in plenty of shelves to allow you maximize space, and consider investing in pullout drawers and/or step risers to easily be able to identify the items you are looking for. If your pantry is inside of a full-size door, you can also put your spices on the inside of the pantry door. In general, rack shelving is a great idea too inside of a pantry for quick easy access. Learn more ways to maximize your pantry with Kitchn’s article “5 Smart & Inexpensive Ways to Store More in Your Pantry.”
  4. Pots, Pans, Tupperware and More!: It always seems that it is hard to find the lid that matches a pot, pan or piece of Tupperware. During your kitchen remodel, build in spaces for each of these items. Backs of doors and cabinets can hold pot and pan lids, or you can also buy separators to store them in drawers. You can also build in separators for your Tupperware too and drawer space that accommodates all of the sizes.
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