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Denver Basement Remodeling Ideas to Create an Epic Space

October 26, 2016

There are those that invest in Denver basement remodeling for simple changes to finish the space. Then there are people that want to create a mind-blowing environment, whether it’s for fun and entertaining or a relaxing personal space.  Basements are a great space to customize because they are often large and sound tends not to be as much of an issue. If you’re debating taking the plunge, review these ideas to inspire you!
  1. Art Gallery: If you have a wide selection of art but limited spaces around your home to place it, create a personal gallery. You can create a gallery-like space that allows you or your guests to walk through, observe and reflect with a series of dramatic or track lighting to highlight the art and sleek hardwood floors. You can also have a wall completely dedicated to art with whether it is sporadic or close together similar to an accent wall. You can create this environment with a mix of wall colors that coordinate with the art, but that does not draw the eye away from it.
  2. Home Theater: Home theaters are one of the most popular remodels for basements. It is just perfect because you have so much room to work with and sound will not affect others as much as it would on a main level. Insulation can also help with sound to keep everything within the space. From there, you can wire in a surround system. What is called a 7.1 system includes a subwoofer and seven channel speakers. HGTV provides guidance on how to place your 7.1 surround sound system for optimum sound. Next, basements usually lack light making them great for your television because of the lack of natural light. Last, pick great seating. Be sure your seating is comfortable, but not the same type of comfortable that will make it too easy to fall asleep! Recliners are generally great, and be sure to find ones with drink holders or tables that are around for drinks and snacks.
  3. Bar: Tapping into the sound, basements are a great entertaining space, which is great for parties or gatherings. Use your basement as a place to store your wine or have a fully stocked bar. The bar can be a simple space with a undercounter refrigerator and sink, or a large space with alcohol selections on shelves and a beautiful display of your glassware. Whether you enjoy a modern or traditional style, incorporate seating that fits your personality for you and your guests along with a great sound system for music. Bluetooth is a great way to control sound as you are navigating throughout the party.
When you are ready for an epic basement finishing Denver service, SF Inc has you covered! Our team can help you create a custom solution that at the best possible price within your budget that also doesn’t sacrifice quality. Learn more about our work with basements and give us a call at 302-210-5991 to get started.