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How Layout, Lighting and Color Play a Huge Role in your Home Remodeling Denver Project

July 20, 2016

As you begin to plan your next home remodeling in Denver project, it is important to take three elements into consideration: Light, colors and space. By having the right balance of all three in your home, you can make a small space look larger and a dark space look brighter! Just a few of these key elements can really transform a space, multiple rooms or even the entire home.
  • Layout and Decor: Decorating your newly remodeled space is important to get right! It is an opportunity to start fresh with an uncluttered and well-organized space. Choose multipurpose furniture to allow you to store items or organize the items you use every day. If you remodel your home to have an open floor plan, ensure your kitchen and living room seamlessly flow into each other and are consistent. Many use Feng Shui decorating tips to align your home with their energy! Real Simple has great tips if you would like to consider Feng Shui for your remodel.
  • Lighting: You can use three different types of lighting in your home remodel to set the look, feel and mood you want. First is targeted lighting. This type of lighting will illuminate a specific area such as kitchen cabinet lighting, office lights or lamps. These are used in specific areas of the home that help you with certain tasks. Second and similar to targeted lighting is accent lighting. This type of light is ideal to accent a feature of your home, whether it is over a piece of art, plants, accent walls or other areas to target. Last is ambient lighting. This is the type of lighting that sets the overall mood of a room. You can remodel your home with ceiling-mounted lighting or recessed lighting as well as lamps. Look into purchasing a dimmer unit to allow you to change the type of lighting to quickly change the different type of setting you would like in your home. Learn more about lighting styles for your home from HGTV.
  • Color: When painting the walls of your home, it is important to stay within the same shades when using multiple colors. If you would like to use darker colors, it is better to use them in larger rooms. Another option to keep a larger (or smaller) space balanced and still use a dark color is to pant an accent wall. If you have a small room, painting it a lighter shade of the color you desire will help to make the room look larger. This also applies to the accents and décor you are using. So if you have a small bathroom, consider lighter paint colors, cabinets and counters and décor.
As you prepare for your remodel project for your home, SF Inc. can help! Read about these three ideas for home remodeling in Denver to prepare and let us help you create the home of your dreams that will also increase its value! Call us at 303-210-5991 or email us at to get started.