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Benefits of a Denver Kitchen Island

June 15, 2016

Remodeling your kitchen allows you to add new features and design layouts that can enhance the beauty of your home and improve the functioning of your kitchen. Many homeowners choose to install island counters when fulfilling remodeling projects. As the name suggests, islands are countertops that are isolated, not connected to any other fixture, and that provide open space on all sides of the countertop. If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen, you should learn about the benefits of Denver kitchen islands.


The best Denver remodeling companies can provide island counters that increase the available storage space in your kitchen. Many homeowners do not have enough cabinet space to neatly store all of their spices, dishes, utensils, foods, and other kitchen accessories. Kitchen islands can alleviate this problem. Adding an island can enable the remodeling experts to install drawers, cabinets, and shelves underneath the island. This can provide you with a substantial amount of additional storage space that should make it easier to conveniently organize and access all of the many items in your kitchen. Additionally, the hidden position of the cabinets under the beautiful island countertop is also beneficial. The hidden position can help keep the storage area concealed, accentuate the island, and adorn the large and spacious atmosphere of the kitchen.   

Cooking Space
Denver kitchen islands also increase the available cooking space that you can utilize. Having a limited amount of cooking space can be frustrating while you are preparing and cooking meals. However, adding an island can provide you with optimal cooking space because the island countertops are usually very broad and wide. As a result, the countertops should provide plenty of space to place all of the foods, spices, and dishes that you need to use while preparing the meals. The ability to maneuver around the open spaces on all sides of the island countertop is also advantageous. Traditional triangle designs and countertops often restrict your ability to navigate around the area while trying to access and prepare all of the various aspects of the meal. In contrast, the open areas around the island provide an abundance of space for you to maneuver around the island while seasoning meat, cutting vegetables, and arranging the various dishes.  

Sitting Area
Having the top Denver remodeling companies install a kitchen island also provides your home with an ideal sitting or gathering area. Straight or L-shaped countertops can make it difficult for everyone to gather around the countertops while eating due to the narrow countertops and the tight spaces around the countertops. However, an island countertop provides a spacious and comfortable area where numerous people can have room to gather. The island countertop provides a central focal point and an appealing feature that entices people to gravitate towards the island while talking. The broad size and open areas around the island are then especially conducive for socialization. For instance, people can sit around the island and talk to eachother while eating delicious meals or enjoying refreshing beverages. As a result, a primary benefit of kitchen island counters is that the islands create an excellent space for your friends and family to gather, socialize, and spend valuable time together.

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