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Types of Kitchen Layouts in Denver

June 8, 2016

Remodeling the features and layout of your kitchen can substantially improve the quality and appearance of your home. However, determining which kitchen layout to utilize can be a very difficult decision. If you are interested in fulfilling a Denver kitchen remodeling project, you should learn about the different layouts from which you can choose.


The best Denver remodeling companies can provide a corridor layout for your kitchen. A corridor layout consists of one straight aisle, with the countertops and features being placed on both sides of the aisle. The layout is especially appropriate for relatively smaller and cozier kitchen areas because the efficient use of space can make it easy to maneuver while cooking. For instance, having the features on both sides of the aisle and within a close proximity can enable you to conveniently move around the kitchen while cooking large meals, preparing the food, and handling various pots and pans. The downside of a corridor layout is the possibility of traffic congestions in the aisle. Having numerous people in the corridor can crowd the area and make it difficult to move through the kitchen. However, the remodeling experts can help you alleviate this problem by creating an L-shaped corridor to provide extra space.

Zone Design

You can also implement a zone design for your Denver kitchen remodeling project. A zone kitchen layout often separates the kitchen into different zones or sections. Each section is then designated for a specific function, and each section provides adequate countertop or floor space for you to fulfill the given function. This is especially conducive for larger kitchen areas in which the features can be spread out in different locations throughout the area. For example, a zone in your kitchen might be designated for stoves and cooking appliances, another zone for the sink and dishwasher fixtures, and then another for your refrigerator and cabinet features. Certain benefits accompany the zone layout. The layout is very spacious, enables multiple people to use the different areas simultaneously, and helps organize the features of your kitchen. Additionally, you can also customize the sections according to which zone layout is most effective for your design preferences and functioning needs.      


The top Denver remodeling companies can also install a U-shaped kitchen layout. This layout typically enables the remodeling experts to align the kitchen features along the walls, the walls wrap around the kitchen to form a “U” shape, and the various features are scattered at gradual increments along the walls. The U-shaped layout is beneficial because of the increased storage capabilities. The layout permits the experts to install an abundance of cabinets and cupboards along the extensive length of the walls. The plethora of storage areas should provide you with sufficient space to store and access all of your dishes, utensils, pans, spices, and other kitchen accessories. You can also spread the features of the kitchen along the walls without the features being cluttered too close together. For example, you can help determine where to place the sink, refrigerator, and cooking areas. Additionally, you can also have the experts install an island in the middle of the U-shaped layout to create a convenient and comfortable area for your family to gather and socialize.

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