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How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger With Bathroom Remodeling in Denver

August 30, 2017

Your bathroom should be your sanctuary, but it’s hard to relax in a space that’s cramped and crowded. Fortunately, there are countless ways to make your bathroom appear larger than its actual size. Create the illusion of a bigger bathroom with these tips for bathroom remodeling in Denver:

Shower Doors vs. Curtains

Plan on incorporating a shower with doors instead of using a shower curtain in your newly remodeled bathroom. A shower curtain visually cuts off the bathroom and makes it appear smaller and more compartmentalized, whereas transparent shower doors make the room appear larger. If you don’t have the budget for a shower with shower doors, then plan on using a sheer shower curtain to achieve the same look.

Furniture-Style Vanity

Vanities with a lot of cabinets can weigh the room down and make it appear smaller than it really is. To open up this small space, choose a furniture-style vanity that has open space underneath the countertop. If you’re concerned about losing storage space, place a few baskets in this open space where you can neatly store toiletries or rolled up towels. Read more tips for choosing a bathroom vanity.

Floating Vanity

Another way to increase the size of your bathroom is with a floating vanity, which is a vanity that doesn’t go all the down to the floor, so it appears to be floating in mid-air. The few inches of open space that you will have underneath a floating vanity will make a small bathroom look slightly bigger.

Add Mirrors

Most bathrooms have one mirror above the sink, but if you want to make the space seem bigger, consider adding a second mirror. The second mirror can go anywhere, but it’s best to place it on the longest wall of the room if you want to create the illusion of more space.

Light Colors

Light colors will make the bathroom seem larger, while dark colors will make it seem more cramped. Keep this in mind when choosing the wallpaper, paint, and flooring for your newly remodeled bathroom. If you want to incorporate a dark color into your bathroom’s color scheme, do so with towels or a floor rug. This will give you a pop of color without making the room feel smaller.

Recessed Shelves

It can be difficult to create a lot of storage space in a small bathroom, but it’s not impossible. Talk to your contractor about the possibility of building recessed shelves in between the studs in your bathroom wall. You can either keep these shelves open or add a door so you can keep them hidden from view. This is a great way to create more space for towels, extra toilet paper, and toiletries.  

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