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Kitchen Remodel in Denver Trends in 2017

August 23, 2017

Remodeling is a great way to transform outdated kitchens that were designed decades ago. Before you begin planning your kitchen remodel in Denver, learn about the trends that are taking the interior design world by storm this year. Here’s a look at the top trends that you should incorporate into your new kitchen:

White and Gray Color Schemes

All white kitchens have had their time in the spotlight, but now the trend has evolved to include the color. A white and gray kitchen is much warmer and more inviting than an all white kitchen, so this is perfect for people who want a welcoming space.

Black Appliances

Silver appliances have been the go-to choice for the last several decades, but they may be waning in popularity. These days, homeowners are choosing sleek and modern black appliances over traditional silver appliances. Black appliances don’t stand out as much as silver appliances, so they won’t completely dominate the kitchen. There are also many stylish options—including an LG collection designed by famed interior designer Nate Berkus.

Quartz Countertops

Another kitchen staple that may be on the way out is granite, which is slowly being replaced in the interior design world by granite. According to Consumer Reports, quartz is more durable and resistant to scratches and heat than granite, which makes it ideal for the kitchen. It also looks very similar to granite, so it’s a great choice for people who love the look of granite, but want the most durable option available. See the countertop buying guide published by Consumer Reports.

Colorful Sinks

Many homeowners are choosing neutral colored walls, countertops, cabinets, and flooring in the kitchen, which may explain why colorful sinks are becoming more popular. Sinks are now available in a wide range of colors, including green, deep red, and navy blue. Choosing one of these sinks is the perfect way to add an unexpected pop of color to your otherwise neutral kitchen.

Apron Front Sinks

Speaking of sinks, another trend that has been increasing in popularity is the apron front sink. This type of sink has an eye-catching design that will make it the focal point of your kitchen. But it’s not just beautiful, it’s practical, too. Apron front sinks are much deeper than standard sinks, so cleaning up after dinner is much easier.

Copper Hoods

Homeowners have been embracing the open shelving concept, which means today’s kitchens don’t have many cabinets. A kitchen without a lot of cabinets may seem fairly empty, so it’s best to fill some of this space with a copper hood. A copper hood will definitely be the “wow factor” in your kitchen because of its striking beauty. It also instantly creates a warmer and more inviting atmosphere in the room.

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