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Cabinetry Terms You Need to Know For Your Kitchen Remodel in Denver

August 16, 2017

A kitchen remodel in Denver may involve redesigning the layout, updating the appliances, replacing the flooring, and of course, choosing new cabinets. The cabinets that you pick will set the tone for the rest of the kitchen, so it’s important that you choose wisely. But, it can be hard to have a conversation about cabinets with a professional if he uses industry jargon. Overcome this obstacle by learning these important cabinetry terms:

Framed and Frameless Cabinets
One choice you will have to make when designing your kitchen is whether you want framed or frameless cabinets. If you choose framed cabinets, you will be able to see a wood frame surrounding the perimeter of the cabinet doors, but this will not be visible on frameless cabinets. Framed cabinets are often used in traditional kitchens, whereas frameless cabinets are seen as a bit more modern. Learn how to pick kitchen cabinet frames.

Soft-Close Hardware

No one likes the sound of a cabinet door slamming shut, which is why it’s important to ask for soft-close hardware when choosing cabinets for your new kitchen. Soft-close hardware is designed to catch the cabinet door right before it closes. The hardware slows down the momentum of the cabinet so it doesn’t hit as hard and make a loud noise. Having soft-close hardware on your cabinets makes it much easier to sneak into the kitchen for a midnight snack without anyone noticing!


Many people often confuse glaze with finish, but they are two different things. A finish is a product that acts as a stain, sealer, and clear coat, so it adds color and preserves the beauty of your cabinets for years to come. Glaze is typically applied on top of the finish, and is used to add dimension to the cabinets. By applying a glaze, homeowners can highlight the natural features of the wood such as the grooves and grain.

Pulls, Knobs, and Handles

All three of these terms refer to the small accessories that are added to the front of cabinet doors to make it easier for you to open and close each door. Pulls and handles basically mean the same thing, but knobs are slightly different because they are round in shape. It’s recommended that you use knobs on anything that slides and handles on anything with a hinge. Keep this in mind when choosing the hardware for your new kitchen.

Door Details

What do you want the cabinet doors to look like? Doors that have an elevated center panel are referred to as raised panel doors, whereas those with lower center panels are known as recessed or flat panel doors. The type of door panel that you choose can significantly impact the look of your kitchen, so use Pinterest or other resources to research each option and determine which is best for your home.

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