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How to Enhance a Bedroom During Your Home Remodeling in Denver

July 26, 2017

During a home remodeling in Denver project, there is much that can be done to a bedroom. Even some of the smallest of changes can make such an impact. As you work to find ways to enhance the bedrooms in your home, use these design, organization and lighting tips to make significant changes to your home.

Shades and Lighting

One of the first ways you can make drastic changes to a bedroom is through the color palette that you choose for the space and the lighting in the room. Being that the bedroom is one of the key places in the home to relax and unwind at the end of the day, or start the day on a positive note, color can play a huge role. Shades of blue are great for calming environments. It pairs great with white or textured walls. For instant, you can brighten a room with white, light grey or beige walls and have a deeper blue accent. You can work with your remodeling company to find the prefect shade. This can apply to any color. If you have a smaller space, try to stick with brighter colors and include an accent wall if you like a darker color. For lighting, adding warm colors with shades is great for relaxing. You can pair ceiling lighting or chandeliers with lamps or mounted lighting next to your bed. Get more ideas from HGTV’s “Light it Up: 12 Illuminating Ideas for the Bedroom.”

Design Tips

When choosing to remodel your bedroom, choose a design style that matches your style and personality. Also, think about what type of environment you want to end and begin your day in. If you enjoy a laid back, country lifestyle, choose a rustic feel with wood elements and antique lighting. For others, they might like a bedroom they can get lost in. Choose a bed that has dramatic posts or drapes that hang from the ceiling around the bed. Choose blues or pinks for the wall and window paneling that has character. More of a minimalistic or modern style person? Try a contemporary look. In some cases, there is little furniture that is very horizontal. You can add drama and character with large or unique lighting and furniture. For traditional, add a light-colored carpet flooring or deep hardwood paired with light wood furniture. Add character with a textured accent wall surrounded by beige walls.  

Organization and Storage

The bedroom usually houses clothes, accessories, jewelry and more. It is easy to throw clothes in a drawer or have a very unorganized closet. A renovation is a perfect time to simplify and create new ways of organization. Every situation is different and this is a great opportunity to work with a remodeling company to accommodate your needs. Even in the smallest of places, you can make it work. Create a walk-in closet that houses your clothes in a way that is easy to store and access. Many homeowners love to add built-in drawers too that can store clothing, jewelry and more. If you don’t have much room to work with, use the elements to make the space look larger and find furniture that can double as storage.

As you consider a remodeling project, learn the pros to using a pro for your home remodeling Denver project. When ready to get started, SF Construction can help. We can review all your options to make the bedroom of your dreams. Call us at 303-210-5991 or email us at