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Bathroom Remodeling in Denver: How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

June 7, 2017

Don’t have time to head to the spa? Don’t worry—you don’t have to ever leave your home to feel relaxed if you make your bathroom feel more like a spa. When working on your bathroom remodeling in Denver, make sure you follow these tips to give your space a spa-like atmosphere:

Install dimmers.

A relaxing body scrub or massage at a spa wouldn’t be nearly as peaceful if the lights were blinding you during the treatment. Keep this in mind as you remodel your bathroom and install lights that can be controlled with a dimmer switch. In the morning, you can turn the lights all the way on while you shower and get ready for work. Then, dim the lights in the evening when you take a calming bubble bath in your newly remodeled bathroom.

Create more storage space.

Nothing will kill the serenity of your new bathroom quite like clutter, so be sure to create plenty of storage space during your remodel. Make sure you have enough storage space to keep all of your toiletries and other items off of the countertops. The cleaner your bathroom looks, the more it will resemble a spa. See 12 clever bathroom storage ideas.

Choose a high-end showerhead.

Don’t settle for a traditional showerhead if you really want your bathroom to feel like a spa. Instead, choose a large massaging showerhead that will help you relax every time you step foot in the shower. This is a simple switch that should fit within your budget, so it’s a must-have for every remodel.

Use natural materials.

Many homeowners choose granite countertops for their bathrooms, but this material doesn’t really give off a spa vibe. If you want to transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis, choose natural materials such as wood and stone for the vanity and countertop.
Wood isn’t the best choice for flooring because it will be exposed to so much moisture in the bathroom. However, you should be able to find porcelain or ceramic tile that is designed to look exactly like wood. This is a much more practical option that will allow you to achieve the look you desire.

Choose calming colors.

The color that you paint your walls will set the mood for the entire room, so choose it carefully. You can go in two different directions to create a spa atmosphere in your bathroom. Many spas stick to white walls, so this is one option if you truly want to imitate the look of a spa. Another option would be to use calming shades of blues and greens. This will give the room a more natural, serene atmosphere that will help you kick back and relax in your new bathroom.
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