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Bathroom Remodeling in Denver: Tips to Create the Perfect Bathroom For Seniors

May 24, 2017

The bathroom can be a dangerous place for seniors with limited mobility or balance issues. If you are trying to create a restroom that seniors can easily access, follow these bathroom remodeling in Denver tips:

Grab bars.

Seniors are at a much higher risk of falling than other adults, so if you are remodeling a bathroom, be sure to include grab bars in areas where they may slip. Of course, a grab bar is an absolute must in the shower or near the tub. Additionally, it may also be helpful to include a grab bar by the toilet that they can use to help themselves sit down and stand up.

Walk-in showers and tubs.

Be sure to remodel the shower and tub in the bathroom to make it more senior-friendly. If the bathroom has a traditional tub, consider replacing it with a walk-in tub that is much safer for seniors. If the bathroom only has a shower, be sure that there is no curb leading into the shower so seniors don’t trip and hurt themselves. You should also add a seat inside the shower so seniors don’t have to stay on their feet as they wash themselves.

Choose flooring wisely.

Look for a flooring material that doesn’t become slick when it’s wet. Don’t choose a glossy finish if you have tile because this can make the floor more slippery when it becomes wet. Also, avoid placing rugs in the bathroom. Most rugs will slip and slide on a wet floor, but if you really want to include a rug or two, look for one that is made out of non-slip rubber. See the best and worst bathroom flooring for aging in place safely.

Widen the doors.

Many seniors use walkers or wheelchairs to get around their homes, but these walking aids are often wider than standard doorframes. If you are designing a bathroom for a senior, consider widening the doorframe so seniors can easily get in and out with their walker or wheelchair. Even if the senior who is living in the home does not have one of these walking aids now, he may need one in the future, so it’s best to plan ahead.

Replace the toilet.

It can be difficult for seniors to sit down and stand up when using a traditional toilet, so you may want to consider replacing your existing toilet with one that is a bit higher. Seniors usually don’t have trouble using toilets that are about five to seven inches higher than usual, so this is a great way to make the bathroom more accessible to people of all ages. If you don’t want to replace the entire toilet, look for a replacement toilet seat that is designed to add height to your existing toilet instead.

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